Stores Warranty and Policy

Gabriel Jewelers wants nothing more then happy customers we're happy to offer these warrantees and maintenance which include:

  • All our warranty repairs only cover from manufacture defect, does not cover for regular wear and tear use (Excludes: reshaping ring, tugged prongs, re-making the setting of time ring, intentional damage)
  • Come in once every three months to get prongs and diamonds checked covered up until 2 years from initial day of purchase 
  • If your melee or pavee diamond (not center stone) diamond falls our within those 2 years and getting it checked within every 3 months you'll be covered to replace side diamond if theres no significant damage with the prongs 
  • We offer complimentary cleaning for all jewelery / engagement ring 
  • Written up appraisal when purchasing engagement ring (optional) 
  • We do not cover lose of center stone diamond or cracked diamonds 
  • Free sizing first time upon purchase (one time sizing)